Cantine Baraldi

Cellars Baraldi

The company Baraldi produces wine with a passion that combine classical tradition of master winemakers with modern innovation.
The area where there are the vineyards are located in the Veneto region, 50 km from Venice, in the hills of the province of Treviso, between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, located at equal distance from the Dolomites and the Adriatic, that influence combination a positive climate. The territory is difficult to grow but charming, thanks to the vineyards in the upper hills of the steep slopes, where it is difficult to even stand up without falling. Here winemakers have won centimeter by centimeter the hill, creating a unique landscape, the beauty of which is demonstrated by the willingness to nominate the area for World Heritage (UNESCO), the process that began a few years ago. The production area includes fifteen municipalities and covers an area of about 20,000 hectares. The vines are grown only on the sunniest part of the hills, at an altitude between 50 and 500 meters above sea level, while the north side is mostly covered with forests.

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