Great wine is sold mainly in purity, its velvety flavor is distinguished by the notes of liveliness and freshness.
The profile of the large structure is very elegant and is aged in barrique for 18-24 months.
It is an easy to drink wine, with a long aging and great structure.
The scents are: cherry, raspberry, leather, coffee, blueberry, blackberry and nutmeg.
It goes well with pasta with meat sauce, with grilled meat, roasts, game and aged cheeses.
On the nose the merlot is floral, spicy, mineral, herbaceous and balsamic, with medium acidity and alcohol, with a robust body and medium tannins.
The color is ruby ​​red.
It should be served at 18-20 degrees and the recommended glass is the standard large red from red.

 Merlot Donna Teresa
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