The Nero Davola vine produces wines with good body and high alcohol content, thanks to its high sugar content which is already found in the must.

It has an intense color, the first refinement is carried out in the barrels to soften the importance of the tannin texture.

This wine can be aged for years in barrels, enriching the complexity and the pleasure of drinking it.

Furthermore, Nero Davola acquires the scents of the Mediterranean scrub, still being born in Sicily.

The varietal aromas of medium intensity are: eucalyptus, cherry, blueberry, violet, carubba and cocoa.

The recommended combinations are: grilled meat, roasts of any kind, mushrooms and game.

On the nose the description is fruity, floral, spicy, mineral, balsamic, ethereal, herbaceous and aromatic.

On the palate there is a considerable amount of acidity, alcohol and a certain body.

The serving temperature is from 18 to 20 degrees.

The recommended glass is the standard red or large red glass.

 Nero D'avola
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