This sparkling wine has a fine froth and is not very sparkling, it has a bright, decidedly brilliant color.
It is advisable to use a sufficiently large glass to be able to appreciate the intense and delicate aromas also to grasp the less immediate nuances.
It is vinified and refined in inert containers such as steel tanks and its skin contains a natural coppery color so a light maceration allows to obtain wines tending to a pale pink color.
The perceptible aromas are: apple, pear, hay, jasmine, lychee of average intensity and complexity.
Recommended dishes: appetizers, soups, minestrone, risotto, fish and white meats.
On the nose it stands out for being fruity, floral, mineral and herbaceous, while on the palate it is acidic with a slight alcohol content and body.
It should be served at 6-7 degrees.
The recommended glass is the standard white one.

 Pinot Grigio Walter
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